Ensuring proper care of your lace wig guarantees longer wear of your unit. 

Lace is a delicate piece and must be treated properly. 

All of our Lavishing Wigs By K are glueless and doesn’t require adhesive. If you plan on using adhesive please refer to the care instructions given with the adhesive purchased. 

Lace wigs should be washed every 7-14 days depending on your day to day activity. Your wig will let you know when it’s time to wash. The hair will appear weighed down from natural buildup. 

Fill a basin or sink with lukewarm water and shampoo. Detangle hair with widetooth comb before submerging in water. Once detangled completely submerge your lace wig in water. 

Detangle with wide tooth comb or Denman brush from ends to roots. 

You will see some shedding from lace when washing this is normal. A little more with curly patterns. Excessive shedding isn’t normal. 

Rinse shampoo from lace wig and empty Basin or sink. Now fill with conditioner. Tresemme Moisture rich line works great on Lavishing Wigs. 

Rinse conditioner, detangle and allow to air dry. 

Spray Gots2be freeze spray or firm holding spray on underside of lace to reseal your knots and minimize shedding. 

Style as desired

Curly hair use our recommended curly hair products. You can find these products on our website under wig maintenance.

Don’t pull, pat or use any force at the lace. It can bald and tear your lace. 

Lace wigs and lace pieces last anywhere from 4-12 months. Proper care is key for longevity. 

-Lavishing Wigs By K

Life isn’t Perfect but your wig can be!

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